To Educate and sensitize women and youths on issues of crime and the legal implications of wrong decisions and actions.

To Protect and preserve the rights of women, deal with issues of gender violence and inequality.

To provide legal aid and facilitate access to justice for aggrieved women through legal representation in court and conflict resolution counseling to victims of gender violence.

Provide support for the vulnerable women and youths through skills acquisition, entrepreneurship training empowerment through micro credit scheme.

To Advance and strengthen sanitation/health consciousness and protection through relevant health programs.

Organize seminars, workshops and training for women and youth to build confidence, develop potentials and leadership skills for active political participation and wealth creation.

Provide rehabilitation and skills acquisition centre for ex-convicts, drug addicts and prostitutes where they can acquire skills with the aim of re-integrating them with their families and the larger society.

To promote environment sustainability and enlightenment on climate change among urban and rural women.

Recognize and honor Persons and Institutions that have made significant contributions to the development of the society.

…building a better tomorrow together.